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When you finish watching a movie, mini-documentary, inspiring web clip or a video gone viral, you're mindset is altered. Maybe its impact is subtle, or maybe it's significant. Video has the power to evoke emotion, start conversations, expose injustices, showcase beauty, rally support, unite, divide, etc. The power that these moving pictures have over us has always fascinated me, because the end result that provokes our thoughts and feelings was created to be seen in this very specific way through this specific point of view. What the viewer sees and hears is the conscious decision of those who created it.  I enjoy working with clients to extract the images and sounds out of their message and assemble them in a way that engages their audience in such a way that the message resonates clearly in a lasting way.


Practical, efficient, creative, and calculated content is what I strive for. Let's talk about creating something together!


                                                                               Rob Vivirito

                                                                                Creative Director

                                                                                Spiral Stair Media

Bachelors of Communications - Elon University, 2007

12+ years of Professional Video and Mixed Media Experience

  • Videography

  • Video and Audio Editing

  • Motion Graphics 

  • Color Grading

  • Concept Design

  • Online Media Implementation

  • Voice Over

  • Audio Description for Visual Impairment

  • Media Asset Management (creating an archive of your content)

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